October 19, 2021

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WhatsApp, important changes that will come soon

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WhatsApp, for several years has focused its efforts on developing and implementing various improvements for its instant messaging platform, thanks to this strategy its service has become increasingly popular for changes and thus has managed to secure a figure of more than 2,000 millions of users in the world.

The platform is continually releasing new updates that not only help correct errors in the application, but also include new functions and improvements for some options that the app already has.

Thanks to this practice, WhatsApp users are usually attentive to the next updates that the brand will launch for its services, since there is an expectation about the changes that could reach the app. However, there is also a significant amount of speculation about the possible new functions that the service would have.

WhatsApp on multiple devices simultaneously
This option has been much commented on in recent months and it is a functionality that has been developing for a long time, as it would be the answer to the multiple requests from users who require an alternative to use their WhatsApp account from different devices and from simultaneously.

The plan of the app is to provide a function that allows you to use WhatsApp Web without the need to connect a smartphone to the platform. In fact, it will be possible to use an account on maximum different devices.

Encryption for Cloud backups
For several months, cybersecurity experts and the application itself had warned that the backup copies of chats, which users save in Google Cloud or iCloud, do not have the encryption that WhatsApp uses in chats. This is due to the fact that the information migrates to another platform where the application has interference in its security.

However, it has been known that the instant messaging application prepares a new option that would help increase the security of backups uploaded to the cloud. Therefore, chats, multimedia files stored in Google Cloud or iCloud will have an encryption along with a password.

Messages that disappear in 24 hours
Currently the app allows you to send messages that are automatically deleted after seven days of being sent. However, the platform would be working on a feature that would make it possible to adjust the time in which messages should be self-destructing in an individual or group chat.

Although the official date on which this novelty will be launched is unknown, it has already been confirmed that the functionality will operate in a similar way to the option that the app has today.

Self-destructing photos
With this option the user can share an image with a contact, but with certain restrictions. The sender will receive a faded thumbnail of the photo, along with the message “Touch to view” and only when the message is clicked will the sent image be displayed.

However, this content can only be viewed once and the app will prevent it from being shared to another chat or taking screenshots. Similarly, this photo will not be saved on the sender’s phone.

Audio playback speed
Once again, WhatsApp is planning to implement features that are already popular on Telegram. This time it is an option that allows you to accelerate the speed with which an audio or voice memo is played.


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