October 19, 2021

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The Eurocup will be able to count on 60 thousand spectators in the final

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The British government announced that more than 60,000 spectators will be allowed in the stands at Wembley Stadium for the semifinals and final of the European Football Championship on 6, 7 and 11 July, instead of the 40,000 initially planned.

“More than 60,000 fans will now be able to attend the semi-finals and the final of the Eurocup at Wembley Stadium,” the government wrote, after days of uncertainty because UEFA asked London to relax its circulation restrictions due to COVID in order to the 2,500 VIPs expected in the final on July 11.

The English press had even evoked the threat of the final taking place in Budapest, where the stadiums can be 100% full, as was seen in the group stage game between Hungary and France.

It will be the largest crowd to gather for a sporting event in more than 15 months in the UK, the British government said in its statement, hoping this would be a starting point for the upcoming football season.

“I am grateful to the Prime Minister and the British government for their hard work to achieve this agreement with us to make the final of this tournament a great success at Wembley,” UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin was quoted as saying in the statement.

For the three matches of group D in England, in the group stage, the presence of 22,500 spectators was authorized, 25% of the maximum capacity of the stadium taking into account the new variants that have been presented in Europe of the coronavirus.

The Eurocup already has several teams qualified for the round of 16 and hopes to conclude this week the last teams for the final phase of this important national team tournament.


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