October 19, 2021

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COVID-19, Vaccines purchased by private individuals would be applied in June

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The Ministry of Health announced that in two weeks the resolution will be published that will enable the private sector to buy vaccines against COVID-19 directly from pharmaceutical companies to administer them to their workers and families.

This vaccination process, which should be free, would begin in June, according to the director of Fenalco, Jaime Alberto Cabal.

“The Government is opening the door for private companies to buy directly from pharmaceutical companies, obviously there is a regulatory framework that has promised to be ready in a couple of weeks. We are talking in a couple of months, that starting in June the vaccination process can be carried out with vaccines purchased by the private sector, ”he said.

He explained that the idea of ​​the private sector becoming part of the vaccination plan is to help speed up the process and also to immunize the population more quickly, which will allow the economy to reactivate faster.

“What is sought is that this non-profit service can be provided within companies, and that vaccines can be applied to workers and their families, because the real interest is to speed up the process to be able to eliminate restrictions and reactivate the faster economy, ”Cabal said, reaffirming that vaccination would be free.

He confirmed that there are large companies and industries interested in joining it, such as the construction sector, which have shown their interest in doing so en masse within their companies.

He finally reported that they continue to work on the two working groups created with the Government in order to establish the rules of the game for the private sector to negotiate anticovid vaccines.


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