October 19, 2021

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AstraZeneca vaccine will be used in Colombia

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With the suspension of doses in more than 10 European countries, the National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance, Invima, supported its use in Colombia and assured that, for the moment, there is no scientific evidence that allows establishing a causal link between the use of biological and the appearance of adverse effects.

The statement was made by Julio César Aldana, general director of Invima, who emphasized that support from international counterpart agencies also give a piece of reassurance on the use of the drug: “With the statements of the World Health Organization and the European Medicines Agency regarding the vaccine of the AstraZeneca pharmaceutical company, from Invima we want to send a message of tranquility and confidence ”, said the official.

According to Aldana, “there is no fundamental health reason, today, to prevent this vaccine from being used within the framework of the National Vaccination Plan designed by the Government,” which implies that, after the arrival of these vaccines to the country, the application will begin without any restriction on the part of that control authority.

The director added that Invima, as a health agency, is in constant communication with international agencies and the WHO, which is the governing body within the framework of this pharmacovigilance program that is being carried out throughout the world for the application of vaccines against COVID-19.

The use of the vaccine continues to cause multiple reactions internationally. Although some of the countries that suspended the application of AstraZeneca decided to resume its use, such as Spain, Italy, France and Germany; others continue to refuse to continue with the application due to the possible risk of adverse effects.


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