January 29, 2022

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Vladimir Putin invited foreigners to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in Russia

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Russian President Vladimir Putin invited all foreigners to go to Russia to get vaccinated against COVID-19, for which he ordered the government to create the necessary conditions within a month.

“I ask the Government to create the conditions for the paid vaccination of foreigners in our country before the end of the month,” Putin said during his speech at the plenary session of the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg.

Those interested will have to pay to get vaccinated.

Putin, who recalled that Russia already has four registered vaccines, stressed that the national pharmaceutical industry is ready to increase production.

“We not only fully guarantee domestic needs, but we can allow foreigners to come to Russia and get vaccinated here. I know that given the effectiveness of our vaccines, the demand is quite high,” he said.

In this regard, in the same forum, the director of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (FIDR), Kiril Dmitriev, confirmed shortly before that in July Russia could open the doors to vaccine tourism.

In turn, Putin stressed that Russia is the only country that has signed agreements for the production of its vaccine, Sputnik V, in other countries, for which he criticized the ban on selling Sputnik V in some regions of the world for reasons that he considered politicians.

Putin, who estimated at 3,200 million the population of the countries that have approved Sputnik V, called these prohibitions absurd, when the Russian preparation more than proved to be effective, safe and reliable.

“In the current situation this seems unwilling to protect their own citizens from the threat. Unfortunately, as the popular saying goes: ‘Everyone brings water to their mill.’ So it is with the fight against coronavirus at a global level “, critical.

And to support his argument, he recalled that the effectiveness of Sputnik V is 96% and that, so far, “there is not a fatal case due to the use of the vaccine.”

He also considered a danger the fact that “only about 10%” of the planet’s inhabitants have been vaccinated with one or two doses, when “hundreds of millions” do not have access to vaccines.

“The aid to those countries by those who could do it is for the moment insignificant,” he denounced.

While Putin invited foreigners to get vaccinated in Russia, he also again urged his fellow citizens to get inoculated, since only 10% of Russians have been vaccinated, one of the lowest rates among producing countries.

With regard to the approval of Sputnik V in the territory of the European Union, Dmitriev expressed his confidence that this will happen shortly and, in the case of the World Health Organization, within a couple of months.


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