October 19, 2021

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United States Airplane will join the search for the submarine in Indonesia

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Indonesia hurries in the last hours of hope the search for the missing submarine with 53 crew members who will run out of oxygen reserves in the early hours of Saturday if they are not rescued earlier.

The Boeing P-8 Poseidon of the US Navy, designed for anti-submarine warfare missions and interception of vessels, will join the search team for the missing submarine in Indonesian waters with 53 crew members on Friday night and the one with less remaining 10 hours of oxygen capacity.

The state-of-the-art aircraft joins the 21 Navy ships and helicopters that comb the northern waters of the island of Bali, aided by the sonar system, where contact with the KRI Nanggala-402 submarine was lost early Wednesday. , manufactured in Germany in 1978, during a military maneuver.

Indonesian General Achmad Riyadh announced at a press conference that in addition to the arrival of the P-8 Poseidon, the search is focused on nine points within a ten nautical mile zone following the trail of fuel leaks and magnetic fields. detected, which could indicate the presence of the submarine.

The Indonesian general’s announcement comes after the US Defense Department announced Thursday that it had sent air assets to the area to cooperate in the search.

In addition to the US, Australia, India and Singapore have also been involved in the search, with special equipment that can help locate the submarine.

General Riyadh stressed that the missing submarine complied with all international standards for this type of ship and pointed out that all the bureaucratic procedures for the arrival of international military vehicles have been solved.

The head of the Indonesian Navy, Yudo Margono, detailed the day before that the ship, which disappeared when it was immersed, has a capacity for 72 hours of oxygen, that is, search teams have until the early hours of Saturday to find possible survivors.

According to information from the Indonesian Army, the submarine began the dive at 03:46 local time (20:46 GMT on Tuesday) and about 15 minutes later began loading the torpedo tube number 8.

The last communication with the crew took place at 04:25 local time (21:25 GMT on Tuesday) and before authorizing the launch of the torpedo, the connection was lost.

An alleged fuel stain found in the sea could be due to the submarine floating at about 50 or 100 meters and the crew members have released fuel to lighten it.

Another explanation considered by the Indonesian Navy is that it is due to a rupture of the fuel tank that has caused the device to sink at about 500 or 700 meters.


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