January 29, 2022

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They warn of a slight fall of volcanic ash in two provinces of Ecuador

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The Geophysical Institute warned this Thursday of the possibility of a slight ash fall from the Sangay volcano in two provinces of Ecuador and did not rule out that new explosions would occur in the colossus that generate a wider distribution of volcanic dust.

In its social media accounts, the Institute indicated that since 11:22 p.m. local time on Wednesday (04:22 today), the SAGA seismic station has registered an explosion signal, followed by an emission tremor related to the eruptive activity of the Sangay.

An emission of 1,170 meters over the crater was reported and it is directed towards the southwest of the volcano. Consequently, there is the possibility of a slight ash fall in the Morona Santiago and Chimborazo provinces, “he warned.

And he added that other explosions of higher energy that generate a wider distribution of the ash are not ruled out.

The Institute recalled that this phenomenon has been persistent within the current eruptive period that began in May 2019.

Last Friday volcanic ash was reported in the towns of Alausí, Tixán, Sibambe and Achupallas, in Chimborazo, located in the Andean area of ​​Ecuador.

El Sangay, 5,230 meters high and located in the Amazon province of Morona Santiago, is part of the fifty volcanoes that Ecuador has, most of them located in the so-called “Avenue of the volcanoes”, in the Andean area.

This volcano is the last one in Ecuador to the south and its name, according to several researchers, comes from the Kichwa word “samkay”, which translates as scare or terrorize, although it could also come from the Shuar word “shanga”, which is interpreted as kind.


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