October 19, 2021

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Sandstorm completely covers a city in China

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An immense cloud of sand covered houses, buildings and factories, causing pollution and traffic accidents in Gansu province, in northwest China, where sand storms are frequent during the boreal spring.

The impressive yellow cloud observed in the last hours in the county of Linze was immortalized from the sky.

National CCTV television reported several accidents due to poor visibility caused by this weather phenomenon.

Meteorologists asked residents to stay in their homes, with their windows closed, as other similar phenomena are scheduled for Tuesday.

The sandstorms that occur in the country often originate from the Gobi Desert, located between China and Mongolia.

In March, one of them arrived in Beijing. The sky turned yellow, air pollution broke out, and airlines were forced to cancel hundreds of flights.

To curb these storms, the authorities have reforested the peripheral areas of the deserts for several decades, in order to create a Great Green Wall designed to block the sand.


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