Deaths from COVID-19 fell by 12% in the last seven days compared to the previous week while the number of cases fell by 6%, with 2.5 million registered infections, the lowest incidence since February this year, as highlighted by the World Health Organization (WHO).

From June 14 to 20, more than 64,000 deaths were registered, about 9,000 a day, although the number decreased compared to the previous week in all regions except the Middle East, where it increased by 2%, and in Africa, with a significant increase 38%, shows the WHO weekly epidemiological report.

The African region also reported a 39% increase in the number of infections with 132,000 new cases in the last week and more than 1,900 deaths, with South Africa, Zambia and Uganda being the most affected countries, according to the WHO.

While the number of global COVID-19 cases exceeds 177 million, South Asia saw a 21% decline in weekly cases and Europe a 6% drop, compared to the previous week.

America and East Asia reported amounts of infections similar to those of the previous week, according to WHO data.

By country, the highest number of new cases this week was registered in Brazil (505,344 new infections; an increase of 11% compared to the previous one), followed by India (441,976 cases; a decrease of 30%) and Colombia (193,907 ; 10% more).

Also reported a significant amount of weekly infections Argentina, with 149,673, and Russia, with 108,139 cases.


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