January 29, 2022

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Clash between Venezuela and the United States due to versions about the donation of anticovid vaccines

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Foreign Minister of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, denied that the Government had received a donation of 1,200 million dollars from the United States, after the US representative for Venezuela, James Story, affirmed this.

“It’s a lie. Have they donated 1.2 billion dollars to Venezuela? To whom, when and where? What they have done is illegally block our resources, prevent them from giving us financing, selling us health supplies, stealing companies and assets , to generate suffering and pain in the country, “Arreaza wrote on Twitter.

The Foreign Minister’s reaction comes after Story denied President Nicolás Maduro, who criticized that the United States planned to donate anticovid vaccines to countries that need them, less to Venezuela.

“James Story has just declared that the Government of Joe Biden is going to donate vaccines to the world, but that Venezuela is not going to donate vaccines,” said Maduro, who added that the reason for the refusal is the hatred of the North American country to the South American nation.

Story, who operates from Colombia, immediately responded to the president’s words and reiterated the United States’ willingness to help Venezuela.

“We strongly deny that the United States will not donate vaccines against COVID-19 to Venezuela. We reiterate our will to resolve the humanitarian crisis that Venezuela is facing, for which we have donated more than 1,200 million dollars,” Story wrote on Twitter, without specifying in at what point did the supposed donation take place or by concept of what.

He added that the focus of his country is to help the Venezuelan people but – he clarified – for this it is necessary that there be a transparent system to vaccinate.

Venezuela has been carrying out, since last Saturday, a new phase of vaccination in various parts of the country, despite the fact that it has not made public the plan that is being carried out, which is, according to the opposition and health organizations, discriminatory, when using as a reference the Patria System, used for the distribution of state aid.

The omission of a vaccination plan generated mistrust among various national and international sectors, among which is the United States Government, which requires transparency so that a possible vaccine donation is effective.


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