December 2, 2021

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Waiting time to get vaccinated after COVID-19 infection is reduced to one month

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Fernando Ruíz, Minister of Health, announced on his Twitter account that the waiting time for Colombians who were infected with COVID-19 for their vaccination is being reduced.

The official noted that the initial three-month waiting period is now reduced to one month to receive any of the vaccines from Pfizer, Sinovac, AstraZeneca, Janssen or Moderna.

“We inform that the Ministry of Health has reduced the waiting period for the application of the vaccine from 3 to 1 month, after the diagnosis of COVID-19,” he indicated.

He also said that the purpose is to achieve greater vaccination in Colombians.
“The objective is to cover about 2 million Colombians pending vaccination and develop their hybrid immunity,” he said.

The epidemiologist Jaime Ordoñez highlighted this decision of the National Government because it allows increasing the speed of the vaccination of people. “This is very important and encouraging news, in addition, this period has been 14 days in countries where there has been no shortage of vaccines,” he said.

He added that in Colombia, given the large number of doses available from all pharmaceutical companies, it was necessary to change this decision. “In Colombia this difference in the application of the vaccine has been three months, because we had a shortage and we had to prioritize those who had not received any vaccine,” he pointed out.

The expert said that infected people who will be vaccinated will develop what has been called hybrid immunity. “People who have already been infected and are going to be vaccinated can develop what has been called hybrid immunity, which is an immunity that occurs from natural infection and the vaccine,” he stressed.

The epidemiologist said that what is recommended at this time is that people who have already been vaccinated receive the complete vaccination schedule.

“By being able to vaccinate them earlier than what was stipulated, it will allow more Colombians to get vaccinated to meet the government’s goals,” he said.

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