December 2, 2021

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MinSalud, aftermath of COVID, the new challenge in the post-pandemic

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The Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, announced that the greatest challenge that the country will have in the coming months will be the post-pandemic, with the care of patients who were left with sequelae of COVID-19 but also of those non-COVID that abruptly suspended the different treatments in the health system.

The official indicated that health professionals will have a great task with the care of people with different diseases.

“The post-covid-19 situation is going to become more relevant in the coming months, so the health system will be challenged to counteract the impact of interrupted non-covid chronic treatments,” he said.

He pointed out that we will also have to add the diseases that due to external factors have triggered other types of symptoms and diseases.

“And in a fourth phase we will see how the mental trauma and economic damage will continue for a time as a result of the pandemic,” he said.

Ruiz acknowledged that, apart from this burden of disease that the post-pandemic will leave behind, the health system will have to overcome other challenges such as persistent access barriers, the lack of a comprehensive care model, regional inequities, difficulties in the flow of current resources, as well as insufficient financial resources.

After revealing this panorama that health professionals must prepare for, Ruiz presented the agenda of the ten key issues that the health sector will work on until August 2022.

“It will be the decalogue of what we want to implement and we have been working throughout the pandemic to leave a roadmap that goes beyond the management of COVID-19 and addresses fundamental issues in the health sector,” he said.

The official affirmed that, in terms of health security, this will be an important issue in the future of the health system in Colombia.

“We cannot leave without leaving the country prepared for the next pandemic that will undoubtedly have to come. For this reason, we will leave a (document) Conpes (which arises from the National Council for Economic and Social Policy) with strategies to respond to health emergencies, with an emphasis on the local production of key inputs, ”he said.

He stressed that, in addition, digital health will play an important role in the advancement of diagnoses in patients.

“We will leave a Digital Health roadmap for 10 years. Governance and Data Analytics Model in health; structuring the model, descriptive analysis and diagnostic pilots ”, he explained.


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