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Fossil of world's earliest fungus unearthed in Canada

Microfossils of a globular spore connected to a T-shaped filament excavated in an Arctic region of northwestern Canada represent the

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Artificial life form given 'synthetic DNA'

At the same time, Syn61 as they are calling it, has had its genetic code significantly redesigned.

It's been done in

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Chinese rover 'confirms' Moon crater theory

The rover's landing site lies within a vast impact depression created by an asteroid strike billions of years ago.

Now, mission

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The International Space Station has found its scientific calling

The International Space Station (ISS) has never been known as a hotbed of science, even though the United States and

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Nasa instrument heads to space station to map CO2

OCO-3, as the observer is called, was launched on a Falcon rocket from Florida in the early hours of Saturday.


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China's rocket start-ups go small in age of 'shoebox' satellites

But when the Beijing-based company’s prototype, called NewLine Baby, successfully took off and landed last week for the second time

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'Giant lion' fossil found in Kenya museum drawer

The species, dubbed "Simbakubwa kutokaafrika" meaning "big African lion" in Swahili, roamed east Africa about 20 millions years ago.

But the

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Discover intact remains of the oldest mysterious religion in South America

An ancient civilization existed 500 before the Incas in western Latin American lands, and archaeologists have discovered virtually intact evidence

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