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Follow our updates throughout the day as Spaniards go to the polls for the third time in less than f

At 2pm, voter turnout at elections 41.34% 4.5 points up on 2016

Spaniards are voting in their third general election in less than four years, and with a political outlook that is more fractured than ever. There are 36.8 million eligible voters, and the outcome will largely hinge on how many political abstainers decide to go vote on a clear a sunny day when the weather is no excuse to stay home.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, of the Socialist Party, called the vote after failing to garner support in Congress for his 2019 budget plan. Polls predict he will win today, but he is likely to fall short of a majority. All eyes will be on newcomer Vox, a far-right group that garnered surprise support at the Andalusian regional elections, and has been stealing voters from the conservative Popular Party.

With the result expected to be clear by around 10pm.

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