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Trump vows appeal after U.S. federal judge blocks use of some border wall funds

U.S. President Donald Trump on Saturday vowed to appeal a U.S. judge’s ruling blocking his administration from using $2.5 billion

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Boris Johnson: Tory leadership favourite in campaign media blitz

Boris Johnson has responded to criticism of his Tory leadership campaign by undertaking a succession of media and public appearances.


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Istanbul mayoral re-run: Erdogan's ruling AKP set to lose

Turkey's ruling party is set to lose control of Istanbul after a re-run of the city's mayoral election, latest results

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Boris Johnson refuses to answer questions about 'row with partner'

Boris Johnson has refused to answer questions about reports of a row between him and his partner in which police

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Tory leadership: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are final two

Jeremy Hunt has promised Boris Johnson "the fight of his life" as the two compete to become the next Conservative

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Dominic Raab out of Tory leadership race as five proceed

Dominic Raab has been knocked out of the Tory leadership race in the latest ballot of MPs, leaving five candidates

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Israel unveils 'Trump Heights' settlement

At a naming ceremony on Sunday, Mr Netanyahu said Trump Heights honoured Mr Trump for his decision to recognise Israeli

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Brexit deadline 'not fixed date' - Gove

He told an event in London the UK must not be bound by a "fixed" date if it needs slightly

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